Saylor Merwin

In May 2013 Saylor Merwin was involved in an ATV accident and her right hand was severely injured, with all the bones in her fingers crushed.

Although Saylor has the usual 14 year old challenges, she laughs that her “little brother” and “getting out of bed” are typical difficulties for her, going into her tween years with schoolwork and adolescence was made all the more difficult with the accident.

In addition to the injury to the bones, the arteries supplying blood to her fingers were also destroyed. The initial surgery was 9 hours, where the doctors pieced together the bones and harvested arteries from other parts of her body to restore blood supply to the fingers. The chance of saving her fingers at that point was less than 25%. She spent 10 days in intensive care at a children's hospital with leeches (a bloodsucking or terrestrial worm) attached to all of her fingers to aid and encourage blood supply in the newly constructed arteries. She also received 12 units of blood. The bones were held together with pins and screws.

Saylor has an amazing support group with close friends and family gathering around her and throughout the whole process she maintained a very positive attitude, often encouraging others that she would be fine.Her strong, sassy and energetic personality got her through the next 9 surgeries, including bone graphs and skin graphs. At her last surgery to clean scar tissue from her tendons, she went directly from surgery to physical therapy with open wounds to try to restore more movement in her fingers.

With a hope for the future to be a Lawyer and after 18 months of puttingher life on hold, she was determined to not let this accident define who she is. Shehas resumed competitive cheerleading and has adapted to the limited use of her right hand.

Saylor says she is grateful to be a part of Tapestry Movement so that she can share her story with others and hopefully inspire them.

Fun Facts:

If you could be a superhero, who would it be and why?

Batman, because he has a slave

Who inspires you?

Revè, Maggie and Kayli

What is your favorite holiday?

Christmas, because I get to spend time with family

Favorite cupcake flavor?