Hunter Frederick

Written by Alaina Frederick (Mother):

My son Hunter, 10 has had an interesting decade here on earth born with complications to his reproductive and waste management organs. He was also diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at just 2 months of age - then had the diagnosis reversed at 2 years of age. At 4 years of age he was diagnosed with Autism.

When he was just shy of his 4th birthday we were in a large family bathroom at a local mall. His condition that he was born with made it difficult to potty train him - and his extreme height made it look like he was much older then he really was. As I changed his pull-up another mom was in there with her probable 3 year old. As she helped him use the facility she started making comments like "I'm so glad you learned to use the potty like a big boy and aren't using diapers like a baby" and, "Some people should be ashamed for not teaching their children to use the toilet like a proper person." She spoke loud and with that all familiar tone of judgment. As she left the room I said to my son "I'm so glad you learned that everyone is created differently and sometimes people are born with unique features because God created them that way."

His difficulty in processing the emotions and feelings around him make it hard to make true connections with children his age. He also doesn't understand when he is being bullied. The Tapestry Movement means a lot to our family as it's music of the same name, Tapestry, has sparked conversation in our home about standing up for others and yourself. It has created dialog on a weekly basis on the ways to be nice to others and to recognize bullying at school, the local playground and how to avoid difficult situations online.

Thank you for creating these words to inspire and spark change among our youth. I only wish this song was around when I was in high school as the words may have made a difference in how I saw the blanket of the world -- woven as I chose to weave it!