About Us

Tapestry Movement started from a belief that a voice should be given to every child that overcomes adversity or needs help. There is a strong yearning for direction and purpose in today's youth and the Tapestry Movement provides an outlet to help those around them and around the world. Whether dealing with self-image issues, depression, mental or physical difficulties, there is someone who will understand and want to help. This is how the song, eventually titled "Tapestry," was purposed, the song that would lead to a movement.

Kayli, a 13 year old recording artist from Arizona, had a dream and desire to "write about something that matters". To this young singer, that meant writing about stories that moved and encouraged her. She didn’t have to look far for inspiration as family and close friends were dealing with various difficulties. Seeing the strength and courage each used to overcome these obstacles, Kayli was inspired to write their stories of perseverance and determination.

Please read the inspirational stories of Maggie, Saylor and Revé below.

These inspiring testimonies bring a strong, beautiful sound and message. "You call it a syndrome. You don't understand. My life's not a label, there's more to the plan". Tapestry, woven together of these youth's challenges and a bigger hope, encourages others to stand strong in adversity. It's a reminder that we're not alone, and there's power and purpose in using our voice to share experiences with others. "Never look down, you gotta look up, let them see your tapestry", reminds the young and old that we are in this together and our purpose is bigger than the challenges we face.

Building on the hope that Tapestry would be more than just a beautiful song, a call to action was igniting within the hearts of those involved. "Tapestry Movement" soon developed with the purpose to empower those youth who are in crisis.

This website, www.TapestryMovement.com is a platform for young people to share their unique stories on their website. It not only provides youth with a voice to share stories, they're providing and collaborating (free) services to support and bring healing to these youth at risk. What makes it unique among the vast field of government and private helplines, is Tapestry Movement is kids helping kids. Relevant music videos and everyday youth sharing their own stories bridge the gap to their peers who otherwise wouldn't know the help and resources exist. The movement brings a grounded and genuine approach to reaching young people who are struggling. Resources available include help for depression, special needs, eating disorders and many other issues that young people are dealing with. Children who are in the foster care system will have an online place to find encouragement. Link to a 24 hour suicide teen hot line as well as as nationwide support for children in abuse situations are made easily accessible. A touching music video is available for viewing that tells the inspiring stories of the three faces of Tapestry.

Tapestry Movement will be funded by a portion of the proceeds from the Tapestry CD and the product line. With support and financing, Kayli's desire is to write and record more of her peer's inspiring stories. The youth behind Tapestry would like to bring their story to school assemblies and other community opportunities. Another goal is to routinely feature a youth's story and sponsor them for a "day out" with shopping spree and individual photography session. Kayli's dream to "write about something that matters" has certainly come into fruition.

In her debut Pop EP, Tapestry, Kayli shows off her vocal and lyrical prowess by weaving emotion, purpose and celebration into a musical

When Revé Osheel was just shy of 7 years old she was sitting at her kitchen table eating dinner, just after finishing her much loved dance

In 2007, after deciding they were done having children, Lissette and Stephen discovered they were pregnant with their fourth baby.

In May 2013 Saylor Merwin was involved in an ATV accident and her right hand was severely injured, with all the bones in her fingers crushed.